Swordfish in the News

The Swordfish is one of 16 teams that make up the the European Forces Swim League (EFSL), and is one of 6 teams that make up the Southern Division.  Each year swimmers compete with other EFSL teams, in addition to competing in three Championship Events: Long Distance Championships, Divisional Championships, and Short Distance Championships.  To learn more about the EFSL, visit: https://www.teamunify.com/team/efsl/page/home

2019-2020 Executive Board Members

President: Brice Goodwin
Vice President: Corey Davies
Secretary: Meghan Jarosz
Treasurer: Lauren Torres
2019-2020 Technical Support 
Head Official: Chad Davis
Head Statistician: Jodi Jennings
Head Coach:  Justin Jennings
Head Timer:  Jeff Havard
Meet Coordinator: Meghan and Jason Jones

2019-2020 Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Coordinator: Niki DeBoer
Apparel/Merchandising: Lauren Torres
Fundraising: Gin Imlah
Concessions Coordinators: Emily Martin 
Social Coordinator:
Photographer: Brice Goodwin
Divisional Coordinators: Lauren Torres; Giuseppe D'Ignoti; Daniela Goodwin
Host Nation Coordinator: Daniela Goodwin

"Show Me Your Friends and I'll Show You Your Future...."


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Team Captains: Joaquin Torres, Alyah Perkins, David Goodwin, Jordan Kilday